Duckie goes to the Gateways

Heritage event, devised (2013)

Camden Town Hall

Lighting by Marty Langthorne

Duckie are a post-queer performance and events collective that create Good Nights Out.

They work in the tradition of British illegitimate theatre that spans centuries – from music hall to punk rock, penny gaffs to the fairground, gaudy variety to underground clubbing.

Gateways was a famous lesbian club that ran from the 1930s to 1985. London’s Night Csar Amy Lamé was inspired to put on Duckie Goes to the Gateways for a performance event in which the club and its clientele – some original – were brought back vivid life.

“Duckie are not just rogueish pranksters, but chroniclers of the sickness at the heart of 21st-century life.”

The Guardian