Hotel Methuselah

Devised by Imitating the Dog

Touring (2006-2012)

Directed by Pete Brooks and Andrew Quick

Lighting design by Andrew Crofts

Projection design by Simon Wainwright

Models of an atmospheric and deeply strange hotel were created in 3 different scales to produce a variety of filmed locations, including rooms on fire, flooded and buried.
These formed a perfectly synchronized backdrop to live actors framed by an aperture which cut off their hands and feet. The gestures and body language of the performers were isolated and magnified in an unexpectedly effective and beautiful way. Joe Orton via Fawlty Towers in Uncanny valley.

"headily ambitious [...] technically and visually a treat."

The Guardian

“...unlike any other piece of theatre you’re likely to have experienced [...] a successful narrative experiment and a piece of art in its own right.”

Yorkshire Evening Post