I am Thomas, a Brutal Comedy with Songs

Lyrics and songs by Simon Armitage and Iain Johnston

Told by an Idiot/NTS (2016)

Directed by Paul Hunter

Lighting design by Paul Anderson

Photography by Manuel Harlan

The show exploded out of municipal council chambers into a mad mad mad mad world, describing the story of a young man executed for expressing his atheist conviction. Vintage superheroes, devout protestants, 1970s sports pundits, 18th century political spin doctors and the worst Guy Fawkes effigy ever put on stage all help to tell his story.

“Gloriously anarchic musical about the last man in the country to be executed for blasphemy. Experimental but populist, historical but playful, and musical in the fashion of a carnival.”

The Guardian

“…a bold theatrical experiment”

The Daily Telegraph