Night of the Living Dead

Devised performance by Imitating the Dog

Leeds Playhouse and Touring (2020)

Directed by Pete Brooks and Andrew Quick

Lighting by Andrew Crofts

Projection design by Simon Wainwright

Photography by Ed Waring

Night of the Living Dead started out as a low-budget independent horror movie. Now the film is recognised as a ground-breaking classic, widely regarded as a metaphor for the social problems that gripped 1960s America.

1968: Seven strangers take refuge from flesh eating ‘ghouls’ in an isolated farmhouse. Will any of them make it out alive?

2020: Seven performers recreate the film on stage, shot-for-shot, in real time, before our very eyes. With 1,076 camera edits to re-enact in 95 minutes, what could possibly go wrong?

‘obsessively detailed, carefully playful and impeccably timed…jaw-dropping’

The Guardian

‘a technical tour de force that would make the Wooster Group blush with envy.’

New York Times