One for Sorrow

By Cordelia Lynn

Royal Court Jerwood Theatre (2018)

Directed by James Macdonald

Lighting design by Guy Hoare

Photography by Johan Persson

During an attack on London, 20 year old Imogen offers refuge on social media. Before her family have even had a chance to have a reasonable discussion, John, is at their door.

He isn’t what they expected. He is different to them. Things fall apart.

'Laura Hopkins’ set …innovatively and ever so gradually morphs from start to finish and underpins the unravelling of the piece quite wonderfully.’

The upcoming

‘Guy Hoare's lighting flickers and glitches and ink inches down the walls of Laura Hopkin's bouji flat, as the darkness outside makes its way in.’

‘Laura Hopkins’s chic design…slow-drips into something more hellish as the family goes into meltdown.’


‘…anxiety collects on the skin like sweat and trickles down the weeping walls of Laura Hopkins’ set design.’