Terminal 3

By Lars Noren

The Print Room (2018)

Directed by Anthony Neilson

Lighting designed by Nigel Edwards

Photography by Tristan Kenton

A cinema screen floats mid-stage like a ghost. Two couples are waiting. Birth, death, memory, identity, love, loss, limbo, it's all there.

‘Laura Hopkins' huge revolving screen set bisects the stage like a modern art installation.’


‘Laura Hopkins’ stunning design. A giant rotating screen, shafts of slanting colours, and a stage smothered in dry ice.’

The stage

‘a compelling must-see production, where everything - set, actors, script - come mesmerisingly and painfully together.’

Fringe Review

‘The screen is a bold move from Neilson and designer Laura Hopkins. What really stands out, however, is the theatrical craftsmanship. The lighting and sound create a Lynchian sense of strangeness and unease.’


‘an enjoyable piece of visual art’

The upcoming

‘a truly creative design’