The Insatiable Inflatable Candylion

Music and lyrics by Gruf Rhys. Book by Tim Price

National Theatre Wales (2015)

Directed by Wils Wilson

Lighting design by Natasha Chivers

Photography by Farrows Creative

A gig-theatre telling of Gruf Rhys's Candylion story with 360-surround-scenery as well as sound. Candylion inflates as her acquisitive nature is woken, and she ends up consuming the entire population of Pixel valley.

I created a landscape inspired by Japanese Pop-Art and studio Ghibli for Pete Fowler's strange and wonderful cast of characters.

“The word ‘surreal’ is liberally used today – but Candylion really, genuinely is. “

The Independent

“Candylion uses the aesthetics of inanity against itself - and Laura Hopkins' confections are a real treat. All that In the Night Garden nonsense, that Boohbah bullshit - big eyes and bright colours - is taken off the tellybox, off the shelves of Toys'R'Us, and repurposed as all-out, anti-capitalist agit-prop.”