The Oresteia

Written by Aeschylus

Home, Manchester (2015)

Directed by Blanche McIntyre

Lighting design by Lee Curran

Photography by Graeme Cooper

A strongly poetic and non-literal environment which could accommodate the visceral digging of graves and impossible height of the gods.

Best Design nomination, Manchester Theatre Awards 2015

“…it is a beautifully sculpted and boldly austere staging, both modern and alien, close and distant […] Laura Hopkins’s design meets the verbal punch with visual eloquence.”


"…pared down and intelligent [...] it’s atmospherically designed and lit, by Laura Hopkins and Lee Curran respectively.”

The stage

“Laura Hopkins’s black, shingle-covered set seems a kind of hellish beach resort.”

The Guardian

“Peter Hall meets Pina Bausch…Laura Hopkins covers the stage with glistening grey gravel, which, scraped back, reveals the red carpet like a fresh scab."