The Tempest


Great Yarmouth Hippodrome (2016)

Directed by William Galinsky

Lighting design by Mike Brooks

One of only three surviving examples from the Edwardian era, the Great Yarmouth hippodrome is a purpose built circus space with a ring that sinks to become a pool complete with ramped canal for equestrian acts.

It was a joy and privilege getting to know this building. Our Tempest, Inspired by Kung Fu films and Fellini as well as the venue itself, aimed to conflate the crazy magical world of Edwardian music hall with the reality of an impoverished sea side resort.

“Galinsky’s production is a love letter to the venue. There are moments of sublime strangeness […] this is the stuff cheese dreams are made of. The dottier and more hallucinatory it gets the more fun it is.”

The Stage